Big thanks to all who provided me literature: Gerhard Aubrecht, Nigel Collar, Leszek Jerzak, Tiziano Londei, Sascha Rösner, Imam T., Till Töpfer
Furthermore I acknowledge support from the Bibliography of South Asian Ornithology, compiled by Aasheesh Pittie. Web URL.

A list of completely screened journals can be found here.

Database update: 10.000 records. Finished two Asian journals (BirdingASIA and Flamingo) and most parts of Forktail. The other ca. 100 papers added were Ibis articles. Links to full text now increased to 52.38%. To see new records of this update visit this link please: New records
Database update: 9.750 records. Approximately 250 Ibis articles has been added (1882-1906) along with a some other articles from the 19th century and also recently published ones. Links to full text now increased to 51.64%.
Database update: 9.500 records. I've started screening the oldest volumes of "The Ibis" and added approx. 230 articles from 1859-1882. Links to full text now increased to 50.34%.
Database update: 9.250 records. I've added another 250 papers from Southeast Asia. The Newsletter for Birdwatchers is now completed, as well as Indian Birds. Links to full text now increased to 49.02%.
Database update: 9.000 records. I've added another 250 papers from Southeast Asia, primarily The Newsletter for Birdwatchers volumes 18 to 38. Links to full text now increased to 47.61%.
Database update: 8.750 records. I've added another 250 papers from Southeast Asia. The Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society is now completed, also volumes 39-52 of the Newsletter for Birdwatchers. Links to full text now increased to 46.13%.
Database update: 8.500 records. I've added 250 papers from Southeast Asia. The journal Kukila has been screened completely, also volumes 1-49 of the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. Links to full text now increased to 44.45%.
Database update: 8.250 records. I've added many papers from Southeast Asia, ca. 30 papers being published 2016 and important references for Central America, Uzbekistan and Ethiopia. Links to full text now increased to 42.21%.
The data paper about the Corvids Literature Database has been published today: Droege, G. and Töpfer, T. (2016): The Corvids Literature Database: 500 years of ornithological research from a crow's perspective. Database: bav122. doi: 10.1093/database/bav122. CLD:8226
Database update: 8.000 records. Massive data cleaning, e.g. country added to each paper (~6.000), ~1000 links to fulltext added. Thanks to all providing copies of some rare articles. Links to full text now increased to 40.78%.
Database update: 7.500 records. I've added several palaeontological papers and papers about European Corvids. Links to full text now increased to 26.51%.
Database update: 7.250 records. I've added several Aphelocoma papers and papers from Poland. The search mask has slightly changed, special search functions are now separated. Links to full text now increased to 24.87%. Thanks again to all who provided feedback, full texts etc.
Database update: 7.002 records. I've added ALL original descriptions to currently accepted crow taxa, most of them with link to the online version at BHL. Furthermore I've added a new search feature "search for original description of", since such a paper contains mostly also other crow taxa and the original descriptions would be hard to find. Included are also several original descriptions of older synonyms. You will find some extinct taxa in the list, having no longer accepted names. I will work on checking nomenclatural status of all listed taxa until the next update. Links to full text have now increased to 23.59% of the papers. Thanks to all who provided feedback, full texts etc.
Database update: 6.761 records. More than 100 publications related to sequence data have been added. I've checked all of currently available 7.250 corvids sequences at GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ. 7.057 of them are related to CLD papers, the rest is not published in a paper yet. I've also included Pseudopodoces sequences, even though this is not a corvid anymore. As an additional feature you can now search for records associated to sequences. Where possible I've also added the underyling voucher specimen (GBIF record), but only a minority of sequences are accomponied by this important information. Currently 482 specimens (found at GBIF) are connected to the papers. Link to full text is now available for 20.35% of the papers.
Database update: 6.500 records. More than 80 publications with original descriptions have been added, more will follow soon. Links to full document increased from 9% to 17.58%. Taxon list includes now subspecies and extinct taxa, mostly following the IOC list. Not all have records in the database, but will have with the next update. Thanks to all who have send me lists of publications. It took years to check and add them to this database, but now all lists are included.
CLD currently provides 142 records related to 20 papers to GBIF. Furthermore 85 specimens available via GBIF are now connected to 12 relevant paper at CLD. You can use the search function to see them.
CLD provides data to GBIF. Most of the papers contains observation and specimen data. Some specimen data (mostly quite old) are already available via GBIF. But most of them are not provided for several reasons (e.g. institution is not yet a GBIF provider, bird collection is not fully digitised, observation record). I've checked 15 papers and startet with 128 observation and specimen records. All of them are georeferenced using Google Earth following the description given in the paper. You can find the data here: http://data.gbif.org/datasets/resource/14127/
Database update: 6.027 records. New search functions (Journal), hitlist and detailed display of records. User can sort hitlist by different parameters.
Database update: 5.527 records.
Database update: 5.011 records. New design (black/grey). Search function works much faster now.
Database update: 4.550 records (European taxa).
Database update: 4.050 records. Platysmurus leucopterus completed. European taxa continued.
Database update: 3.551 records (all Cissa and Urocissa-taxa, Cyanopica cyana, Perisoreus infaustus and Zavattariornis stresemanni completed, other European species [Corvus frugilegus, C.corone, C.corax, C.monedula, Garrulus glandarius, Nucifraga caryocatactes, Pica pica, Pyrrhocorax graculus und P.pyrrhocorax] added by 30-150 records).
English version of search form is done. Database update: 2.687 records (only Corvus frugilegus and Pica pica/Pica hudsonia; a few papers about parasites on Asian species).
Database update: 2.024 records (new entries regards Corvus corone, C.frugilegus and Pica pica/Pica hudsonia only).
Guestbook online.
1.810 records are available. All Corvus-species has been done, except of the European and American taxa.
After four month planning and programming the database and forms and entering 1.100 data the Corvids Literature Database is now online available.